New York City Educational Construction Fund

The New York Educational Construction Fund is a municipal organization which is responsible for capital budgets related to the funding of new schools in the five boroughs of New York City. In 1996, as the NYC real estate market was recovering from the 1992 “recession,” the NYECF determined that 7 schools were in prime locations and that the development rights (TDR’s) of those schools had sufficient value to fund new schools and services in those neighborhoods, NYECF issued a national RFP for consultants to provide analysis required to evaluate the scope of development of each site, provide a valuation study for each site and assist the City of New York in marketing the TDR to the development community. After extensive interviews, IDA was awarded the contract to prepare development and marketing packages for the 7 schools. To date, 2 of the schools have been sold and are in construction – P.S. 59 and M.S. 114. M.S. 114 was developed as a 35 story condominium, the Azure, above a new school. PS 59 will be an elementary school and a new High School of Art and Design, which will be in a 50 story condominium tower on a retail base.


Global Trade & Technology Center Secaucus, New Jersey

The Global Trade and Technology Center is New York’s answer to Chicago’s Merchandise Mart or the World Market Center in Las Vegas. Overseas manufacturers who are seeking to establish their brands in the United States and New York City can view it as a marketing/ sales platform for a variety of international industries and their brands.

Showrooms, offices and hotel rooms will be sold as business condominiums for both the international overseas market as well as to domestic users. An Exposition Center will provide conference and exhibition services for the tenants and their associates. This Exposition Center will be supported by a variety of destination restaurant venues and retail opportunities.

The 2 million square foot Global Trade & Technology Center in Secaucus, New Jersey will include a 500 room extended stay hotel with 6000 parking spaces. The Center will differentiate itself in the market by providing a full complement of trade related services that are technically advanced, innovative and value added. This trade mart industrial complex site is 15 minutes away from the City of New York and 30 minutes away from the City of Newark with numerous rail lines, truck roads and bridges for the transshipment of cargo containers. There is easy access to all New York City and New Jersey airports.

The project will be designated as a “Free Trade Zone” and is expected to become a member of The World Trade Center Association.


Nanshan Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone Hainan Province, PRC

This 2,000 acre resort development is located on Hainan Island, a relatively untouched province of China with an environment and ecology similar to Hawaii. The resort includes a Cultural and Religious zone centered around a new Buddhist Temple, Passive Scenery Zones weaving into hillsides, and more developed entertainment and resort areas at the waterfront and at the mountain tops. The project includes three hotels zones, with a total of 12,000 rooms available, six restaurant and shopping zones, a golf course and a marina.

Dongping County Tourism Planning Dongping, Shandong, China

Dongping County sets its goals to be a significant center for cultural tourism. In preparation for this, Dong Ping is considering development of a long term Master Plan for cultural development throughout the City.

Development of a universal theme for a vacation which will have universal appeal for a variety of families and individuals. Given the nature of the existing heritage mountains and  Baifo Mountain the theme should be centered and reflect a calmness which is prevalent in Buddhist culture-Qi.  Qi can be obtained through enjoyment of experiences which provide spiritual comfort, physical comfort and exercising your mind. Existing and new opportunities have been grouped to provide convenient and comfortable options for creating a variety of personal vacation choices



Baifo Mt will define itself as Spiritual Retreat Destination for people to enjoy spiritual comfort and calm. The Theme Park will also have Buddhist, Confuscious and Taoist themed accommodations and restaurant venues.