China Post Provincial Stores

China Post Provincial Stores
Throughout the PRC

China Post, the postal service of the PRC, has over 100,000 outlets throughout China, most of which are in rural areas. Each post office is also an outlet for the China Postal Saving Bank, and in rural areas China Post is the purveyor or logistic provider for seed, fertilizer and chemicals to the farmers in the region. Because most of the farmers have access to few services, the local management often stocks the store with convenience items used by the local population on a day-to-day basis. China Horizon and China Post have entered into partnership to redevelop 10,000 of the stores as full service convenience stores and have partnered with Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, Coca Cola, Motorola, China Mobile, Lenovo and others to provide the following inventory and services:

▪ OTC health & beauty products
▪ Nonperishable foods and sundries
▪ Household products
▪ Seasonal specialties
▪ Cell phones and accessories
▪ Computers and internet services
▪ Banking and bill paying
▪ Agricultural products and product exhibitions.