Court TV

Court TV
600 Third Avenue
New York, New York
Type of Building:
Location: 600 Third Avenue New York, NY
Approximate area (m2): 7,432
Approximate cost ($):12 Million
Completed / under construction: Completed
Disciplines provided by the firm: Architecture, Programming, Interior design and Project Management

Court TV Required a new Headquarters for the New York offices as its share of the media audience rapidly enlarged. The new headquarters needed to expand to serve as a showplace and corporate image for a rapidly growing and evolving media enterprise.
The new headquarters space served multiple functions as a showplace for investors, production studios, research facilities for programming, support and executive staff coordinating facilities for live feeds and facilities for advance teleconferencing to remote cities and temporary locations as well as network affiliates. It required the integration of very public as well as very secure components as well as the integration of rapidly evolving high technology communication and production technology.