Sang City Resort Guilin (IDA)

Sang City Resort
Guilin, PRC

Guilin is a popular tourist attraction in southern China, famous for its unique topological formations. The city receives approximately 12 million visitors every year. The municipal government has contracted with ‘The Sunshine Group’ of Beijing to create a specialized tourist attraction at the site of the original city. Approximately 70 acres of the historic village still remains, including an old fortress and the original wall of the city. Adjacent to this will be a historically themed 700-unit hotel/time share resort. Across this street will be a modern entertainment and shopping district which will feature local crafts, entertainment, and a full range of restaurants in a festive environment. The shopping area is bordered by 1.25 million square feet of luxury condominiums and has a separate full service tourist class hotel overlooking the mountains and lakes which surround the site. IDA collaborated with CITIARC in designing the overall layout and buildings.