Wychoff Heights Hospital

Wychoff Heights Hospital
Brooklyn, New York
Type of Building: Hospital
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Approximate cost ($): 250 Million
Completed / under construction: Completed
Disciplines provided by the firm: Architecture, Programming, Interior design and Project Management

WQB Architecture worked at Wychoff Heights Hospital for over 14 years. During this time, the hospital was composed of over 12 buildings which dated back from 1898 to 1965 and covered several city blocks. WQB prepared a Master Plan for redevelopment of the facilities and how they could be reorganized into a new conjunctive facility. Over the years WQB implemented the Master Plan though a series of renovations which included new operating theatres, intensive care suites, dental surgery and clinic, ambulatory care facility, laboratories, outpatient clinics, endoscopy suites, pediatric care, nurses housing and a variety of other facilities. The work was culminated by a $250m new addition which was designed and built in coordination with Perkins & Will Architects.

American Medical Center Abu Dhabi

American Medical Center
Abu Dhabi, UAE

WQB Architecture provided programming and design services for a high-tech diagnostic and treatment center for American Medical Center on behalf of Abu Dhabi. WQB programmed, designed and coordinated a full package of diagnostic services for both men and women, while maintaining cultural sensitivity through a separation of the sexes. Men and women had separate entrances, separate staff and never saw each other while attending the facility.


This 1500-bed hospital in the northern city of Karamay is a large multifunctional modern medical facility. It is planned to be built in the 39-acre existing site of the hospital, which is divided into north site and south site by a major city street. Our design scheme proposes a phased construction that will entirely upgrade and replace the old hospital facility.
The main hospital functions including clinic, ER, outpatient center and inpatient center will be in the north cam- pus, whereas the smaller south campus will house medical checkup center, academic center, fitness, IT and admin, and housing of on-site staff, etc. Pedestrian and vehicular circulations will connect the two campuses, bridging over and tunneling under the dividing street. A grand medical street is created to be the central spine and axis organizing various functions of the hospital. This 5-level atrium space medical street has generous skylight and topped with a green penthouse garden. Six additional courtyards with landscaped gardens are joined with this medical street, creating a lush, sunny, green indoor hospital environmental that is bright, clean, warm, and relaxing.

This indoor street and courtyards also forms a clear circulation system that is efficient, easy to navigate, and user friendly to both staff and patients. It also works well with the northern climate of Karamay. Fluid movement and crisp connection and punctuations are evident in plan layout as well as in architectural styling of this modern hospital.

St. Vincent Hospital, St. Mary’s Clinic

WQB Architecture is currently developing a Master Plan for PNG Land for development of 1,000,000 sf of
housing and health facilities. The project includes an 80 bed full service hospital which will be operated by
St. Vincent’s Hospital of Sydney, Australia.

The hospital will also include a separate medical office building which includes research facilities focused on
Malaria and Diabetes and will be sponsored by the World Health Organization of the United Nations. The
hospital will also be affiliated with St. Mary’s Health Center, a local clinic managed by PNG Land. WQB is also assisting in the redevelopment of St. Mary’s. The Master Plan will also include 250 apartments for hospital employees.

American Hospital of Moscow

American Hospital of Moscow
Moscow, Russia

As a result of the popularity o their clinics with both the expatriate and local population, American Medical Center was asked to consider development of a hospital. As it started, Boris Yeltsin, President of Russia, needed a heart bypass surgery. AMC arranged for famed heart surgeon, Michael DeBakay, to supervise the surgery. As a result, President Yeltsin and Moscow Mayor, Yuri Luzhkor had AMC bring WQB Architecture to Moscow to work with the local architects and planners on the development of the Mockba City project along the Volga River. At that time the Health Code was comprised over 20 volumes of Codes related more to Hospice State and Modern treatment. WQB worked with local architects and government officials to update the Code for modern health services. The hospital was programmed and planned as a full service treatment center with 250 patients beds and 24 VIP high security beds.

West 138th Street

The Manhattan Initialized New York District of the Church of the Nazarene retained WQB Architecture to assist them in developing a full service international administrative center which included a performing art center, recording studio, library with coworking spaces, dormitory space for traveling and domestic students and apartments for local and international students attending the Nazarene missionary study center.

Bethel international church

Bethal International Church
79-06 51st Ave
Flushing, New York

WQB Architecture assisted the Bethel International church in zoning and the redesign of the building envelop in the center of Elmhurst which included to providing alternative options to a corner lot to enlarge building footprint. The work anticipated construction a new five story building. WQB provided zoning analysis and preliminary designs proposal for construction of new build church.  The sanctuary can host 200 people and has mezzanine to host 85 people. The building program included sanctuary, multi-purpose space, community kitchen, Sunday school classroom and dwelling unit on the top floor.

Far Rockaway

Far Rockaway Church of Nazarene co-developed an affordable housing project for 180 apartments which included retaining the first and second floor of the building for use as a new church and community facilities including a childcare center, a coworking and job development center, Roc Kitchen and Roc Studio. The sanctuary can host 700 people and has extensive audio-visual facilities with a 13 by 25 ft LED video screens available for use by community and community performance, wedding banquets and events.