This 1500-bed hospital in the northern city of Karamay is a large multifunctional modern medical facility. It is planned to be built in the 39-acre existing site of the hospital, which is divided into north site and south site by a major city street. Our design scheme proposes a phased construction that will entirely upgrade and replace the old hospital facility.
The main hospital functions including clinic, ER, outpatient center and inpatient center will be in the north cam- pus, whereas the smaller south campus will house medical checkup center, academic center, fitness, IT and admin, and housing of on-site staff, etc. Pedestrian and vehicular circulations will connect the two campuses, bridging over and tunneling under the dividing street. A grand medical street is created to be the central spine and axis organizing various functions of the hospital. This 5-level atrium space medical street has generous skylight and topped with a green penthouse garden. Six additional courtyards with landscaped gardens are joined with this medical street, creating a lush, sunny, green indoor hospital environmental that is bright, clean, warm, and relaxing.

This indoor street and courtyards also forms a clear circulation system that is efficient, easy to navigate, and user friendly to both staff and patients. It also works well with the northern climate of Karamay. Fluid movement and crisp connection and punctuations are evident in plan layout as well as in architectural styling of this modern hospital.