Tianjin Film Themed Park Design

This film themed park is developed jointly by the Tuanpo Investment Development Corp and Tianjin Film Studio. It is located at the northwest corner of the famed Tuanpo lake, where the Duliujian River flows into the lake. The 36 hectare site is recliner. The long and narrow strip of land of about 197 hectares is also included in the master plan development as natural buffer zone to the themed park. One of the challenges is to preserve the integrity of a bird sanctuary, which is next to the themed park site, greeting flocks of migrating birds annually.

Our design studies the existing but abandoned dams and water channels at the river inlet to the lake, and used it to build attractions based on Tianjin’s history of river trans- port and its related early urban culture as a port city. Tian jin’s colonial history is another content we used for the themed park. Movie-sets from different concessions at the turn of 20th century including French, English, Japanese, and Russian are created, and old trolleys are used as means of transportation for tourists in the park. A film production zone is designed in the park to include movie stages, editing studios and multimedia production facili ties. Tourist routes are designed to separate from film and TV production traffic.

In addition to film-themed entertainment, other attractions are designed in different  zones of the park, including air disaster simulation, wetlands, mud park, fishermen’s village, treasure island, water screen and  birdwatching paths.