Yonglidan Town Center Beijing, PRC


Yonglidian Town Center
Beijing, PRC

WQB/OPC provided a Master Plan and brand development studies for the real estate subsidiary of King Deer – a leading fashion company. The total area of the project will be 374 hectares and there will be a variety of housing types, Town Center and community services for over 43,000 people with over 20 million square feet of construction. The land, Hospitality currently an agricultural area near the motorway between Beijing and Tianjin, will become a “Weekend Resort” which will include an Outlet Mall, Regional Entertainment Center, Five Star Conference Hotel, Waterpark Hotel, a Boutique Spa Hotel with a 2 acre arboretum and a variety of other recreational and employment opportunities for both the community residents and vacationers from the surrounding areas. The Town Center and the Resort areas will be connected by common open spaces which also provide park‐like amenities for the housing development areas. The project is currently in the approval process and expects to commence construction in the Summer of 2012.